Have you ever thought of having one dedicated music mentor teaching you instruments you are so eager to master? Each one of you will be taught and directed to play the instruments you love with one teacher specially there for you!


Has an interest to learn about the newest music technology? Lab Computer Class is here for you! A group class consisting of 6 students that will be helped with 2 or more lab teachers. A perfect class for you who are attracted by music technology!


Socializing while learning new music instruments? Why not! Let’s join the Group Class - a class consisting of around 6 students, you will play and study music in groups. So much fun!

DKG School of Music

DKG School of Music (DKG SOM) is a revolution in the music school industry in Indonesia. Engaged in the Music Technology Education, DKG SOM could not be compared apple to apple with the other music schools in Indonesia because DKG SOM has a different variable – even globally, DKG SOM could claims itself as a potential player in the modern music education industry.


Unlike others, DKG School of Music offers variety classes of music instruments, such as Piano, Drum, Guitar, Violin, Saxophone, and also Vocal – in a very fun way!


If you have a dream of becoming a member of a band, this class is the perfect one for you!.

Private Piano

No class suits you better than this one if the only thing you have in mind is being the best.

Private Vocal

  Being a ‘Rock Star’ is not an unachievable dream! Here, not only you will be taught to be one,.

Private Violin

A classic instrument oh-so famous in Europe, are you sure you don’t want to get your hands to it? Equipped.

Private Guitar

What is a Rock Star without a great Guitarist supporting them? Equipped with a great Classic and Electric Guitar, this.

Private Drum

Can’t stop hearing the drum rolls in your head? It’s time for you to play it yourself, then! Here, we.

The Team

Specially trained to handle music enthusiasts like all of you! Not only the ones who love to play music and great at it, all teachers here are licensed professionals and are ready to make you a star.

Mr. Iwang Noorsaid Bawazier

As an experience Pianist, Keyboardist, Music Director, Orchestrator, Recording Producer, Film Scorer, Mr Iwang Noorsaid is one of the advisors to oversee DKG School of Music's learning programs

Ms. Yemima Charista

Head of Education and Piano/Violin Teacher

Mr. Pujiono

Drum Teacher and Group Band Instructor

Mr. Paul Junisias

Band instructor and Studio Recording Engineer

Ms. Sheila Amanda

Piano Teacher

Mr .Andi Smith

Guitar and Band Instructor

Ms. Susi Susanti

Customer Relation and Admin Officer


Every Child, Youth and Adult Can Learn! Nothing is too late to learn music !

The important thing that you have the strong desire and passion to succeed in learning !








Every feedback we got both from the students and parents will be featured here. Read through – you will be convinced to join!

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